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Agralarm™ Introduces AgraLink™ Backup System

Elevate Your Poultry Alarm with AgraLink™ Backup!

Salisbury, MD, February 21, 2023 / Growers can now keep their existing alarm system while adding backup if it should fail. AgraLink™ Backup provides a supervised phone connection via Agralarm’s dual-path network, allowing you to do away with landlines and stay protected if your connection or central alarm system fails. With AgraLink™ Backup, growers can have peace of mind knowing that their poultry and livestock are safe and sound. 

In the event of an emergency, your alarm is your life! With AgraLink™ Backup, growers have peace of mind knowing that their chickens or livestock are OK – even if their primary alarm system fails. As President Steve Flaherty says, “With the successful installation of our system on multiple farms, the gratitude of the growers is overwhelming. Their existing alarm system is now reinforced, providing them with the much-needed peace of mind and freeing them from any lingering concerns.”

AgraLink™ provides a supervised phone connection via Agralarm’s dual-path network, allowing poultry and livestock business owners to: 

  • do away with landlines 
  • be alerted if your connection fails
  • be alerted if your primary alarm system fails 
  • have the peace of mind of knowing that the poultry and livestock houses are constantly being monitored 

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About Agralarm™:

Agralarm™ is a poultry/livestock monitoring company based out of Salisbury, MD. Agralarm has more than 30+ years of experience installing and providing service to poultry and livestock business owners across the Southeast. Our leaders, who have shown passion and dedication in making our business a success, inspire our mission and vision. We serve the agricultural industry and are known as a first-class organization that defines the meaning of service, quality, and ethical business practices.

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