AgraLink® Backup

AgraLink® Backup Module!

Elevate Your Farm’s Security

AgraLink is the first universal software platform developed with the future in mind! The AgraLink Backup Module allows Growers to keep their existing alarm and provides a managed dual phone connection along with a backupif their alarm fails. 

The AgraLink Backup Module not only solves the unreliable telephone issues for the Growers but also provides backup of the alarm in case it fails and supervision of the phone connection.

AgraLink® Backup Module

AgraLink® Backup gives Growers peace of mind that their systems are secure and functioning properly, with a backup alarm in place if anything should go wrong.

What if?

Ensure complete protection with AgraLink® Backup and its robust dual-path network. With it, you can confidently say goodbye to landlines while rest assured that your central alarm system remains safeguarded no matter what!

AgraLink® Backup Module is the perfect solution for: Farm Alarm, Sensaphone, Agri-Alert, Rotem Communicator and Choretronics Broadcaster

  • AgraLink Backup allows Growers to keep their existing alarm system while adding backup if it should fail.
  • AgraLink Backup provides a supervised phone connection via Agralarm’s dual-path network, which allows you to do away with landlines and stay covered should your “connection” or main alarm system fail.
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Benefits of AgraLink Backup Module

Mobile Interface:

The AgraLink® Backup is complemented with access to the AgraLink portal which provides real-time information regarding the status of your AgraLink Backup system, right in the palm of your hand. 

Enjoy detailed insights at your fingertips!

Easily view alarm event history, who was notified, and who acknowledged the alarms

Call history of your primary alarm system

Quick and easy access to administrative tools and configuration settings to adjust how your AgraLink®  Backup functions based on  grower  preference

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