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Keeping The Birds Alive And Protecting The Investment Of The Farmer


Raising chickens is no easy task.

It takes dedicated, hardworking farmers who are able to care for their birds and monitor the conditions inside the houses 24/7 to ensure the growth of healthy chickens. We know this because we have employees with years of agriculture and poultry industry experience under their belts, and they understand the ins and outs of raising chickens.

Those chickens are a huge investment for the farmer and the loss of a significant number of those birds can be detrimental to their livelihood. That’s why we created the Agralarm system in the first place: our priority is keeping the birds alive and protecting the investment of the farmer.

We know you, the farmer, can’t control when and where a problem may happen on your farm.

With Agralarm’s monitoring and supervision of your systems your poultry houses are always monitored, and should something happen, you’ll be notified immediately via text, phone call from an automated interactive system, or a phone call from an actual Agralarm Operator.

We pride ourselves in maintaining multiple levels of security to give you peace of mind that your farm and chickens are safe, even when you’re not there. With Agralarm’s remote access capabilities you can check in on your farm from anywhere.

The Agralarm system keeps itself in check too: if it detects any kind of breakdown or disconnect within the system itself, you’ll be notified. With Agralarm’s VoIP and unlimited Internet connection, you’re always in the know when it comes to the operation of your farm.

We understand the needs of farmers because we’re just like you: we care about the health and safety of your birds and are dedicated to serving the industry that feeds that world!


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