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AgraLink: The Next Step Towards Your Farm’s Future

It is with great excitement that Agralarm announces the launch of AgraLink by Agralarm; a new platform developed with the future in mind!  

The first AgraLink solution is the AgraLink Backup Module. Growers can now have the benefits of Agralarm without having to change their existing System! The AgraLink Backup Module not only solves the unreliable telephone issues for the Growers but also provides backup of the alarm in case it fails and supervision of the phone connection. 

AgraLink Backup Module is the perfect solution for:

Farm Alarm   



Rotem Communicator   

Choretronics Broadcaster


Key Dealer Features

  • Access their installs
  • Real Time Statistics of the Connection and Phone Line.
  • Alarm Logs
  • Call Logs
  • Manage Settings for the Gateway.
  • Activating Gateways and Phone lines (VoIP)
  • Managing Call List.


The AgraLink Backup Module is ready for you! If you are an Agralarm Dealer, or interested in becoming one, contact us today for training and updates on the many benefits of AgraLink

Agralarm is committed to its focus on the cutting edge of technology for the benefit of the Growers, the Integrators and all of Agriculture!



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