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Poultry House Monitoring Systems: A Simple (But Complete) Guide

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Chickens were domesticated around 10,000 years ago, and ever since then, domesticated poultry birds have remained an important part of the human diet. It can be hard to imagine a world where no chicken or chicken products are readily available. When it comes to managing a poultry farm, there are specific responsibilities you need to take to make sure that all of your birds remain healthy. 

However, monitoring so many factors on your own can be challenging. This is why a poultry house monitoring system can save you trouble so that you can focus on other essential matters throughout your day. But what is a house monitoring system, and how can it help you keep your poultry in check?

Keep reading and learn more about how it works below. 

What Can a Poultry House Monitoring System Do for You?

One of this system’s many benefits is that it can watch critical environmental elements of the house that you can’t typically watch on your own. After all, there are many factors that you need to constantly monitor to make sure that your birds stay alive and healthy. Take the ventilation system, for example. 

The ventilation system, of course, ensures that the poultry gets plenty of fresh air. But if that system were to stop working, thousands of birds could die within minutes due to overheating and the lack of fresh, breathable air. This would be a catastrophe for any poultry farm

The problem is that it is hard to keep track of the ventilation system at all times, especially when you also have to focus on the farm’s temperature, water supply, feed, static pressure, and more. This is not to mention that you also have to keep track of other things like the vital status of the birds in question. 

The Details

Doing this all on your own is a very difficult task, but using a poultry house monitoring system to help you will make the whole process much easier. This is because the system will be able to take all of this information and process it all at once and keep track of it 24/7. This, of course, would not be something that a human being would be capable of, but a digital system like this could do it without any problems. 

If a system fails, your monitoring system will tell you immediately. For example, suppose that the ventilation system on your farm stops working for some reason. As soon as that happens, your farm monitoring system will alert you that something has happened to the ventilation system. 

That way, you can react quickly to fix the issue at hand. If you didn’t have this sort of alarm, the ventilation system might stay dysfunctional for several minutes or even hours which, needless to say, could destroy your entire farm. 

This alarm will alert you in various ways, depending on how you set it up. For example, it may alert you via text message or the system may even call your phone. These calls may come from real operators or be automated yet interactive.

Whatever the case, it will alert you as soon as there is a significant change in one of your farm’s systems so that you can fix it immediately. This, as you can imagine, is a great way to improve the security and safety of your farm, and you won’t have to worry so much about potentially losing a large portion of your farm.

Other Factors to Consider About a Farm Monitoring System

Of course, a poultry farm monitoring system can do much more than monitor the ventilation system. It is also very good at keeping track of the feed and water supply that your farm gets. Besides that, it can tell you the status of specific systems. 

All of your systems should be running as smoothly as possible to ensure the safety and health of your poultry. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes, a specific system might start slowing down for some reason or stop entirely if it happens to break. 

In other cases, certain systems may start to function too quickly or too much, such as a feeder dispensing too much feed or too much water. If there is even a slight change to one of your farm systems, your poultry farm monitoring system will let you know. That way, you can see the problem and fix it. 

What you Need to Know

Some monitoring systems can even allow you to keep track of the vital signs of your poultry, such as their heartbeats and other health factors. Whatever the case, a monitoring system like this is essential to ensure your farm stays in check and functional. This is especially true for large poultry farms that can’t risk losing large swaths of poultry due to the dysfunction of a particular system. 

In short, a poultry house monitoring system is an extra layer of safety and security that you can use to protect your birds and your investment.

All About Poultry House Monitoring Systems

Getting a poultry house monitoring system to help you out will be a good idea if you want to ensure that all your poultry stays in good shape. 

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